About us

In 1984 it began our family adventure in the hostelry business. We started the restaurant Can Suñé, who will soon turn forty-years old. At the same time, we gave accommodation to our first guests.

Yet we didn’t begin from zero. Our father, Antoni Suñé, has been for 24 years the main chef in the emblematic hotel Colón, in those times, summer vacation icon in the history of our village.

In 1987 the family acquired the building which had been the Hostel Voralmar, and we enlarged our room offer until the end of the 90’s.

In 2021, we began the business of Paelles Suñé. The take-away version of Can Suñé. At the same time, we have opened the doors of Apartments Voralmar after the total reform of the building.

Mission, vision and values


Apartaments Voralmar is a small complex that offers high-quality vacation accommodations with a very personal touch. We take care of every detail so that our guests feel at home.


At Apartaments Voralmar, we aim to highlight the experience of having spent forty years dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry. At the same time we are open to new technologies applied to the world of accommodations. We want to offer our guests the highest quality and comfort during their stay at our establishment and become a destination where they will want to return to stay.


We are a small team that places the utmost importance on honesty and transparency. We take great care of our product and show it as it is when selling it from our website or from booking portals. We strive to improve every day and take note of the suggestions from our clients. We are accustomed to finding quick solutions to any small issues that may arise during their stay. We are positive and proactive, committed to a sustainable business model. We work to convey our respect and appreciation for the environment and the municipality where we carry out our activities: Caldes d’Estrac. We also strive to inform our clients about the natural, cultural, and gastronomic offerings that this small town offers to its visitors.

“Three generations have been taking care of with maximum delusion and experience.”